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What version am I running?

As of the Alpha8 package, you can now use the Help > About to see what packages and versions of FieldWorks you have installed.

Context Sensitive Help

The help files in the Language Explorer (Flex) and Translation Editor should now be usuable. There is a new package at for chmsee version 1.2 and this allows the help to work. There will still be a few places in Flex when clicking on the context Help will not function properly. This is due to the way the Help program (Chmsee) works. These places will perform better once a later version of Chmsee becomes available.

Student Manuals

The student manuals should open successfully in OpenOffice.

Flex Demo Movies

To run the Demo Movies in the Flex Help menu you need the Adobe Flash plugin. To get this the partner repository must be enabled. To enable the partner repository:

  1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and go to Settings > Repositories and click on the Other Software tab.
  2. If the partner repository does not already show in the list, then click the Add button at the bottom.
  3. Copy this line and paste it into the APT line, changing the lucid to maverick or karmic if needed:
    deb lucid partner
  4. Now click Add Source, then click Close and Reload.

To check for the adobe-flashplugin, do the following:

  1. Using the Synaptic Package Manager,
  2. Choose Edit > Search. In the Search box, type adobe-flashplugin and click Search.
  3. If it is not already installed, right-click the package and click Mark for Installation.
  4. On the toolbar, click Apply.

After the installation completes you should now be able to play the demo movies in the Flex Help.

However I seem to be having some problems getting this to work again. It is likely that for the Alpha8 & Beta2 packages the Demo movies will not work. I believe this problem has now been fixed so the next Beta version will have the Demo movies working again.

If, after you run the Demo Movies, your Firefox becomes unresponsive, open a Terminal by choosing Applications > Accessories > Terminal, and run $ killall firefox This should close down all instances of Firefox that are running so that you can use Firefox again.