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Translator’s Workplace (TW) is a collection of electronic reference resource for translators, including Bible versions, original language texts, dictionaries, commentaries, maps, articles and books.


The Windows version of TW has for many years been delivered using the Folio Views application as its content delivery engine (viewer). This is being switched over to use the Libronix Digital Library System from Logos Bible Software.

There is a Mac version of Libronix, which is a good solution for Mac users. It allows them to use all the resources that are available to Windows users. Future versions of TW will be cross-platform, containing installers for both Windows and Mac versions of the Logos software.

However, it is unlikely there will ever be a Linux version of Libronix. To make the resources available to Linux users, it is necessary to convert all the documents to a format that can be used by a content delivery engine that runs on Linux, such as Sword. This conversion work is ongoing and we hope to release an alpha-testing version soon.

In the meantime, it's possible to run the Folio-based TW on Linux using WINE by following these instructions.


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Conversion Process

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