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Translation Editor

Toward a Translation Editor release:

  1. Bottom layer of FieldWorks: Views, Kernel, Language, Cellar.
    1. Make them compile
    2. Make them link
    3. Make the tests work
  2. Hello View test of underlying components of Translation Editor
  3. Make WorldPad work (non-Roman word-processor)
  4. Work on higher layers of Translation Editor
  5. Make Translation Editor work


  • Testing
  • Packaging and distribution

Packaging and testing

See also main page for Packaging and testing.


  • Make sure basic needed distributions run on debian-etch-64 server [basically done]
  • Create running template vservers
    • debian-etch-32 done
    • debian-etch-64 done
    • debian-lenny-32 done
    • debian-lenny-64 done
    • ubuntu-dapper-32 done
    • ubuntu-dapper-64 done
    • ubuntu-feisty-32 done
    • ubuntu-feisty-64 done
    • opensuse-102-32 done
    • opensuse-102-64
    • fedora-zod-32 done
    • fedora-zod-64 done
    • fedora-moonshine-32 done
    • fedora-moonshine-64 done
    • olpc-32 done
  • Develop a way to keep the running template vservers up to date
  • Develop a way to do administer user accounts across multiple vservers
    • ldap?
  • Set up automated test-running
  • Set up automated packaging

Hydra vserver structure.png

Programs to Package

This list is not in priority order.