Removing Balsa from a Windows Machine

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This page is part of the Quick Start for Balsa. It tells you how to remove Balsa from a Windows Machine. It also tells you how to temporarily remove the Balsa item from the boot menu and later restore it.

Before you you remove Balsa completely, you should back up your data from within Balsa. Once Balsa is removed, you will not be able to access the data.


These instructions tell you how to remove Balsa from a Windows Machine. You can also use them to temporarily turn off Balsa.

  1. In the Windows boot menu choose the Windows item.
  2. Log into an account with Administrator's privileges.
  3. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\BalsaBoot
  4. You will see a file named ConfigureBalsaBoot (Depending on how your computer is set up, this file may be named ConfigureBalsaBoot.cmd)
  5. For Windows Vista or Seven, right-click on the file and select Run As Administrator. For Windows XP double-click on the file.
  6. Windows may ask you for permission to continue. Answer Yes.
  7. A window will appear with the following menu. Answer appropriately.
Balsa Config
1. Remove Balsa from the Windows Boot Sequence
2. Turn Off Balsa in the Windows Boot (but available to turn on)
3. Turn On Balsa (Undo #2)
Please make a choice: 1, 2, or 3:

If you answer 1 or 2, Windows will no longer ask if you want to boot into Balsa when it starts. Choose 3 to turn back on the option of booting into Balsa.

The Balsa Data

Even after Balsa has been removed from the Windows boot process, the Balsa data will still be present on the machine in the file C:\balsafiles.img. If you have no more need for the Balsa data on this machine, you can delete it. If you delete the file, and later run Balsa again, Balsa will create a new blank Balsa user account.