Low-Power Computing

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A good number of low-cost, low-wattage computers are entering the market, OLPC being the most notable.

These machines may help to satisfy the need for a platform for MTTs and other nationals to use for Scripture drafting, dictionary building and other language-related tasks.

However, a number of factors need to be taken into account when deciding whether and how to deploy a given model of computer in a particular country or region. These factors include:

  • Hardware robustness and reliability
  • Power consumption
  • Power generation options
  • Availability of support and maintenance, including:
    • Ease of repair by the user or another local person
    • Professional repair facilities
    • Knowledge and information about the software
  • Availability of language software for the platform
  • Ergonomic factors, including:
    • Keyboard size
    • Keyboard usability
    • Screen size
    • Screen legibility in sunlight
  • Cost

Within SIL there are various software projects in progress for low power computers, including:

This is the home page for general information about low-power computing on this wiki.