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Linux Support: An Outline for Community Discussion

Scott Kohler

28 November 2006

This is a first very rough draft, intended for discussion and to get folks thinking. The goal is for you to respond with your ideas, and make this a "living document" of sorts. I'd like to get this on a wiki so that folks could add their input directly -- I'll work on that 'soon'. --Scott Kohler


As general WSFO member interest, investigation and use of Linux grows, so does the need for support. If we in the Linux community truly believe that open-source operating systems and software will further the work of Bible Translation not only for ex-pats but especially for nationals, then we need to step up and help provide the assistance needed to make this transition.

Why Open Source? Why Linux?

(need some concise reasons why the Enterprize should spend time and effort on this; in other words a summary of why? open-source, for decision-makers)

Support for What?

Who are we supporting? We need to define our objectives, which could be generalized into three areas


OWLs, MTTs, NGOs, etc

Package support for SIL/language software

  • who/how will maintain packages?
  • what packages would we maintain?

Community involvement and development

  • do want outside community involvment in our translation software?
  • what are the security ramifiactions?
  • do we want to build/maintain an FLOSS community for language & translation software?
  • if so, what's the best way to do so?
  • how much time and effort willit take?

Immediate Goals versus Long-Term Goals

Steps that we should take in the next 6 months

  • low-cost, easy to implement, with high return on objectives
  • initate first-steps in some longer projects

Long Term Goals

  • What are they?
  • At what cost, for what benefit?
  • what steps should we take to start?

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