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This wiki is hosted by the LSDevLinux team, for storing and sharing information about software development.

The LSDevLinux team is responsible for Linux and Mac development within the Language Software Development (LSDev) division of SIL International. LSDev is a part of SIL's International Administration based in Dallas, TX, USA although LSDev has development offices in various parts of the world. The LSDevLinux team is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and in turn has various developers working remotely in other places.

Language Software is computer software that is used in language development work, including the activities of language survey, language learning, language analysis, orthography development, literacy, anthropology, ethnomusicology and translation. LSDev aims to provide tools to support all of these activities, although not all of them are covered equally as yet. The major activities are being covered by the ongoing development of the FieldWorks suite of applications.

Most LSDev software is developed for Microsoft Windows initially, and the LSDevLinux group then ports applications to Linux and Mac OS X as resources allow. We are trying to reach a point where LSDev software is developed in a cross-platform manner, targetting all three platforms simultaneously. Once suitable cross-platform solutions have been established in all the necessary technology areas, development can take place on any of the three platforms and continuously be built and tested on the other platforms as development continues.

If you want to contact the LSDevLinux team, please visit the LSDevManager user page.

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