Installing Graphite enabled OpenOffice on Ubuntu

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Preparing to Install Graphite enabled OpenOffice

If you do not have OpenOffice previously installed you can skip this step. To prepare to install Graphite enabled OpenOffice you will need to remove the previous version of OpenOffice. The installation has conflicts with currently installed versions of OpenOffice.

This can be achieved by running

sudo apt-get remove

Download Installation Packages and Install

You will need to download from the SIL website From there we need to run some commands from the directory that you put the OpenOffice package shell.

cd /var/tmp
sudo dpkg -i -R unpack_openofficeorg

The shell command gets the .deb packages and puts them in a temporary default dir (/var/tmp). You can change the default temporary dir if you so choose. Once openoffice is installed you can remove the tmp dir. Dpkg will install the packages into the /opt dir.

To run OfficeWriter you will need to run the shell in the /opt/openoffice.org2.0/program/soffice (scalc, sdraw, simpress, etc)