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What is XKB and What Can I Do With It?

In the X Window System, the X keyboard extension (or XKB) extends the ability to control the keyboard over what is offered by the X Window System core protocol. X is used by most flavors of Linux and other Unix-based operating systems, and what it controls could be compared to Microsoft's Windows Explorer.

Creating an XKB keyboard allows you to share your virtual keyboard for your country or language and then sumbit it to the repository. After acceptance, your keyboard will be "preinstalled" on any subsequent releases of Ubuntu, Red Hat, Suse, Balsa, etc. National users will be able to simply choose the keyboard from a list and start typing in their language. This means that a user can now start to type his/her mother tongue in virtually any Linux application with:

  • No installation
  • No file copying or renaming
  • No root permissions
  • No specialized personnel
  • No additional repositories

Ready to start?

XKB Limitations Read First!

Building an XKB Keyboard These instructions guide you through the process from start to finish.

Conversion from Microsoft KLC

Conversion from Keyman

Example Keyboards

Submission of your XKB to FreeDesktop

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