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KMFL, Keyboard Mapping For Linux, is a keyboarding input method developed under Linux which aims to bring Tavultesoft Keyman functionality to *nix operating systems. It operates with uncompiled Keyman-style keyboard files (*.kmn). KMFL is being jointly developed by SIL International and Tavultesoft. It is released under the GPL license.

A description is at KMFL main project page. KMFL and its dependencies are now included in Ubuntu several other standard Linux distributions, so if you wish to use KMFL on a relatively recent (2009 or later) Linux distribution you should check your distribution's standard installation packages.

Instructions for installing KMFL in Ubuntu and configuring it to use a Keyman keyboard (*.kmn) file can be found here:

KMFL on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and earlier versions (with SCIM)

KMFL on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid and later versions (with iBus)

If you are using Balsa see these instructions instead: KMFL under Balsa - Jaunty/SCIM version

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