Building mono from source

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Unpack this tarball in a directory somewhere and run ./ This will also install mono into /usr/local.

To ensure the use of this version of mono when you run applications, either put /usr/local/bin into your PATH or (better) use /usr/local/bin/mono application.exe whenever you run an application.

Running this script twice will not re-download all the mono source code, but it will reinstall mono.

Note: the script uses the “sparse checkout” feature of Subversion to create a single top-level directory that can be updated with a single svn up, eg when updating to a new revision. You can add further directories using svn up directory, eg svn up monodevelop. However, you will need to specify the revision number explicitly with -rnumber if you want this directory to be compatible with the existing directories. You can find out the revision number of your existing directories using svn info.