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On this wiki:
On this wiki:
* [[Low-Power Computing|Technical and strategic background]].
* [[Low-Power Computing|Technical and strategic background]]
* [[BALSA Prototype|BALSA Prototype project]].
* [[BALSA Prototype|BALSA Prototype project]]
* [[:Category:Low-Power Computing|All articles on Low-Power Computing]]
== BALSA in one sentence ==
== BALSA in one sentence ==

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Basic Affordable Language Software Appliance

BALSA's main website is here: Balsa.

On this wiki:

BALSA in one sentence

Balsa is a hardware+software computer solution for use by language workers in remote areas, where infrastructure for computer use is a major problem.


BALSA is about three kinds of simplification of the language computing experience:

  1. Computer administration (installation, maintenance, repair, backup)
  2. Application complexity (it is *not* designed for high-end linguistic analysis; rather for practical language program tasks such as dictionary-building, Bible translation, future--formatting of books)
  3. Price which makes it affordable to a larger group of people

BALSA Strategy Outline


A strategy for implementing BALSA answers these questions:

1. Who are we? (The purpose and values of all stakeholders)

2. Where do we want to go and why? (impact statement)

3. How do we get there?

4. How do we know when we get there?


Components of a strategy statement

1. Executive summary (brief problem statement, benefits, support for bigger picture, key elements of plan, alternatives, costs, action hoped for)

2. Current situation (Strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, stories)

3. Target End-State (Outputs, outcomes, impact in time frames or phases, success factors)

4. Requirements (resources, standards, commitments, pitfalls to overcome, coordination)

5. Implementation Program (Activities, phasing, budgets, marketing, monitoring, closing)

Install and Use Balsa

See [placeholder] for instructions

... coming soon ...