Associating GUIDs with classes

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When compiling, you may get an error message such as

FieldWorks/Src/Cellar/FwXmlData.cpp:25: undefined reference to `__interface_traits<FwXmlData>::uuid'

It's confused at the usage of CLSID_FwXmlData. If you inspect the FieldWorks/Output/Common/FwCellarTlb.h, you will see

#define CLSID_FwXmlData __uuidof(FwXmlData)

To define the needed GUID-class association, you could use a line such as

template<> const GUID __uuidof(FwXmlData)("2F0FCCC2-C160-11d3-8DA2-005004DEFEC4");

But in this case, the GUID definition should get generated by processing the FwCellarTlb.h file.

Process FooTlb.h

Currently (20070411), is in COM/test.

FieldWorks/Output/Common$ FwCellarTlb.h > ../../Src/Cellar/Cellar_GUIDs.cpp

The build process will do this automatically in the future.