Linguist's Toolbox in Wine

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This page is currently a stub. It will eventually contain information about how to install and configure Toolbox under Wine.

Installing Toolbox

Configuring Toolbox

Printing to a PDF from Toolbox

Install package "cups-pdf". This places a PDF printer into your printers list.

Then in Toolbox choose File | Print. Select the PDF printer, then OK.

The cups-pdf printer is very basic; it just places an output file into ~/PDF (which folder must already exist or the thing won't work). No choice of path or filename, though you can edit a config file and change the permanent path, perhaps to ~/Documents/PDF. The filename is "job_[1]-untitled_document.pdf".

The PDF file produced looks great; but the path & filename aren't very satisfactory for Balsa. But I haven't yet found a more featureful PDF printer for Wine (Well... I haven't looked very far; I don't want to get into trying to install a Windows PDF Printer because I read that they don't work).

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