Set Up a Linux Machine for Balsa

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This page is part of the Quick Start for Balsa.

It tells you how to take a Balsa SD card and use it to prepare a Linux machine to run Balsa. Instructions for how to produce a Balsa SD card are available on the Quick Start for Balsa page.


  1. Make sure that you have only one Balsa SD card plugged into the computer. A USB that has a Balsa image looks just like a Balsa SD card to the computer.
  2. Start Linux in an account with sudo privileges.
  3. Plug the Balsa SD card into the computer. The file browser will show two devices /media/BALSASHARED and /media/BalsaRoot.
  4. Open /media/BalsaRoot in the browser.
  5. There will be desktop configuration file named Insert Balsa into Grub Menu in /media/BalsaRoot. Double-click on it.
  6. A terminal window will open asking for the sudo password for your account. Enter the password.
  7. The program running in the terminal window will proceed to add Balsa to the menu you see when you boot your machine.

That's all you have to do to set up the machine to run Balsa. The next time you restart, you will see an entry labeled Balsa on SD. That is the entry for running Balsa.

Running Balsa

Once you have set up your machine, do this to run Balsa: Running Balsa