Requirements for inclusion

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Given the goals of this repository, there are restrictions on what packages can be accepted. However, each distribution in the repository has slightly different goals and thus slightly differing requirements.

Packages in distributions named *-sil are intended to be for broad use by unsophisticated users. Thus there are some restrictions. A package in *-sil must already exist in *-sil-testing and must pass all package tests. Dependencies for this package must be met by the base release or by packages also in *-sil. Packages migrate here from *-sil-testing after a period of time or by approval by repository manager if all other requirements are met. If a bug tracking system is used to track package bugs, it is probably desirable to only allow the package to migrate if all of the serious bugs have been addressed. The reason for being so conservative for this distribution is to make the distribution as safe as possible for normal users to use. In practice, this should not be an impediment since known serious bugs should be addressed in a timely manner before the package reaches this distribution.

For packages to be included in *-sil-testing, version numbers must be in the correct sequence and must pass basic tests (builds from source, clean install/uninstall, no lintian errors, etc.). All of the dependencies of these packages must be met by packages in the base distro release or in *-sil-testing. Furthermore, since this software is intended to be used by unsophisticated users, the upstream developer must consider the application code to be of release quality. If the upstream considers the software as beta or testing it really does not belong here.

The requirements for a package to be included in *-sil-experimental are less strict. At a minimum, they must build from source and not have obvious package errors. The version numbering could also be less strict. This could potentially lead to upgrade issues, but as these distributions should only be used by experienced people who can work around them, this shouldn't be a big issue in practice.