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Ideally, we would like as much as possible for our software to make it into the upstream distributions in order to make it available to as wide an audience as possible as easily as possible. We also would like to make it easy for users to get updated versions on a schedule that may be quicker than the upstream distro release. Thus it seems necessary that we have this repository to distribute these packages.

In order to make this repository useful for many people, there are various goals that this repository is going to have to meet.

Assumed Goals

First we assume the following goals for the repository:

  1. Safe to use for normal users
  2. Does not break normal upgrade path
  3. Distributes testing versions of software to testers
  4. Distributes release versions of software to actual users

Implied Requirements

These goals end up leading to certain requirements that affect

  1. Distribution naming
  2. Package version numbers
  3. Which packages to include where

Suggested Workflow for Packagers

Since we have various people actually doing the packaging, it seems to make sense to make the interface to this repository from the perspective of packagers to be as normal as possible. So, as much as possible, uploading packages to this repository will be the same as if the package was uploaded to Debian or Ubuntu directly. More details can be found here.

Using the Repository

Ideally, from a user's perspective, all that is required to use the repository is to add this repository to the list of repositories in use and add the packages that they want. The packages will be able to be found at