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Pango Graphite on windows

The file that has the shaper on windows is modules/basic-win32.c If the text isn't complex it will use the basic shaper otherwise it will use uniscribe (if usp10.dll is available)

Either mingw (native gcc on windows) with autotools or MSVC with nmake can be used to compile it.

We cannot use fontconfig on windows so we'll either need to:

  • (1) have a separate module with some kind of solution to prefer the graphite module

Since 'The pango.modules file tends not to get automatically set up correctly on Win32.' it should be possible to ship a modified one that does what we want.


  • (2) modify the basic-win32 shaper to call the graphite one if it exists and the font is a graphite font and fallback to uniscribe/simpletext if it doesn't