Graphite packaging procedure

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This procedure is designed to improve the quality of Graphite releases.

  • Check the bugs on for any show stoppers.
  • Check the SVN version of the previous release's tag directory. Examine the svn log in engine/include/graphite and carefully check each file that has been modified since the last release. If there have been any changes which will affect the binary compatibility, increment the version number in engine/src/ for libgraphite_la_LDFLAGS as needed and checkin.
  • Copy trunk to a tag with the appropriate release name.
  • Checkout the tag, and make sure that the regression tests pass, preferably on multiple platforms e.g. Windows 32bit, Linux 32bit, 64bit.
  • Build the debian packages using pdebuild.
  • Check the changes file and dsc file using Lintian and try to fix any errors or warnings and rebuild.
  • Rebuild pango-graphite (if needed) and check the packages with Lintian.
  • Install the libgraphite and pango-graphite packages and reboot.
  • Check that text renders correctly using a series of fonts e.g. Doulos SIL, Padauk, Scheherazade. (TODO provide series of test files.)
  • Sign and upload to
  • Update any open bugs on which are fixed by the release.