FieldWorks Sample Data

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For testing purposes, some sample data has been provided. Please use this sample data for Alpha testing, and you may also use it for Beta testing if you wish. Importing your own data is not encouraged during Alpha testing, but it is possible. Please remember that during Alpha testing it is possible that the data may become corrupted. To use the sample data, it needs to be copied to your home area.

Copying data using Nautilus:

  1. Choose Places > Computer.
  2. Nagivate to File System > usr > share > fieldworks > ReleaseData.
  3. Then Select the all of the data folders you would like to use, for example select the Sena 2 and Sena 3 folders (recommended)
  4. Choose Edit > Copy.
  5. Choose Go > Home Folder.
  6. Choose Edit > Paste.
  7. Repeat these steps as needed, especially if you have had crashes testing FieldWorks. This will insure your sample data has not been corrupted.