Creating Shared Git Repo

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Instructions to create a public git repository on our semi-public git repo host

Create an empty repo

local-workstation:$ ssh
rahab:$ newgrp lsdevrepo
$ cd /srv/git/lsdev/public
$ mkdir PROJECTNAME.git
$ git init --bare --shared=group
$ umask 2
$ touch git-daemon-export-ok
$ echo git:// >cloneurl

Others can clone this repository using:

$ git clone ssh://

for read-write access or:

$ git clone git://

for read-only access.

Filling with content

After you created the shared repo you might want to add some existing files, or at least commit a dummy file to prevent a warning when cloning the repo (warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.):

local-workstation:$ git clone ssh://
$ cp -a ~/some/files/to/copy . && git add . # copy existing files
$ git commit -m "Initial commit"
$ git push origin master

Sending email automatically

To send email to a list of addresses whenever new commits are pushed to the repo:

$ cd /srv/git/lsdev/public/PROJECTNAME.git
$ git config hooks.mailinglist ADDRESS1,ADDRESS2,…
$ git config hooks.emailprefix "[PROJECTNAME-git] "
$ cd hooks
$ [ ! -e post-receive ] && mv post-receive{.sample,}
$ chmod a+x post-receive

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