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Hudson CI was renamed/forked to Jenkins CI on 1/30/2011 because of disagreements between Oracle and the Hudson developers.


Installing Hudson/Jenkins On Windows

Some notes on Hudson/Jenkins CI


For running FieldWorks unit tests we use a separate X server on Linux so that windows the tests create don't pop up in our face. In the past we had a script that started Xvfb and Xephyr, ran the tests and terminated Xvfb and Xephyr. But the script caused Hudson/Jenkins to consider the build as successful even when it failed.

It turns out that Hudson/Jenkins takes care of terminating the X server - but we're still left with a warning message about resource leaks.

The easiest seems to be to use the Hudson Xvnc Plugin:

  • install a VNC server (e.g. vnc4server on Ubuntu 9.10)
  • login as user that runs Hudson/Jenkins process (sudo su - hudson)
  • start vncserver once since that asks for password (vncserver). Note the display number this displays.
  • end vncserver: (vncserver -kill <displaynumber>, e.g. vncserver -kill :1)
  • in Hudson/Jenkins, install Xvnc Plugin
  • in project settings, check "Run Xvnc during build"
  • add a build step "Execute shell" that sets the TMPDIR environment variable and calls NAnt:
(cd Bld && cp -f _user.mak.lnx.example _user.mak.lnx) || false
. $WORKSPACE/environ
(cd Bld && $WORKSPACE/Bin/nant/bin/nant remakefw-hudson)


  • You have to install the CompileService:
    • Unzip and build Bin/
    • Install the the .msi file that gets built: CompileServiceSetup.msi
    • Modify the CompileService in Control Panel/Services: Logon on as: Local System account; check Allow service to interact with desktop
    • Copy the files compiled by the project RunAsUser in a directory that's in the path
  • I installed Hudson/Jenkins as server on Windows; this might not be necessary
  • I run Hudson/Jenkins as user Hudson
  • Log in as user Hudson and kick off a "remakefw". This should succeed.
  • Now set up a project in Hudson/Jenkins. Add a build step "Execute Windows Batch file":
cd Bld
..\Bin\nant\bin\nant -D:localsys-workaround=True remakefw-hudson
  • On Win7/Vista I disabled UAC
  • I had problems with the Build Publishing plugin - most often the builds weren't published but remained in the queue on the Windows machine. This turned out to be a problem with Avira AntiVir WebGuard that caused to much delay so that the build publisher timed out. I had to disable WebGuard.