Building FieldWorks Packages

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This page describes how to build FieldWorks and Mono packages for local use.

The official packages are built using pbuilder.

Mono packages

  • check out mono-calgary
  • run checkout-and-build-mono

To build libgdiplus:

  • make-source-package libgdiplus
  • mkdir package
  • cd libgdiplus
  • dpkg-source -x fieldworks-libgdiplus_2.10-1ubuntu1.dsc ../package/libgdiplus
  • cd ../package/libgdiplus
  • debuild -b -us -uc

FieldWorks package

  • checkout COM, Win32More and Win32Base in Calgary
  • checkout Calgary/debian
  • checkout FW_7.0 (needs to have exactly that name)
  • cd Calgary
  • debuild -b -us -uc