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FieldWorks Beta 3 released

FieldWorks 7.0.0~beta3.1 for Linux was uploaded to a few hours ago, and we’ve already had one bug report (thanks, Benjamin!). We did create a beta3 two weeks ago but it had some significant problems so we didn’t publicize it here. Hopefully beta3.1 will be good enough to do real work with.

The next release for Windows will be the actual 7.0, and is being described as a “stable release”, so there won’t be any more betas for Windows. We will create a matching Linux release that is able to interoperate with the Windows version, but if we feel it isn’t quite up to stable release standard we will probably call it beta4.

As before, we encourage you to report bugs via our Bugzilla site, although sending email as described in the crash report dialog is also acceptable. We will then create a Bugzilla item and subscribe you to it, so that others can see what is being reported and learn about any workarounds or fixes. Please let us know when you report by email if you prefer that your details don’t appear in Bugzilla. Email addresses are hidden from people who aren’t logged in, but anyone can create an account and then see addresses.

4 Responses to “FieldWorks Beta 3 released”

  1. Jeff Green says:

    “good enough to do real work with” – yes! I spent a whole work day analyzing a text with the latest beta, on Ubuntu 10.10, and I’m very impressed. Nice work!

    A Mac-using friend asks, “does that mean it might run on Mac”? I see that your “But what about Mac?” blog post was a year ago; any update since then?

    Oh, and what’s with the broken package authentication on Ubuntu 10.10’s update manager doesn’t let users upgrade unauthenticated packages. (Yes, command-line works, but still, other repositories don’t have a problem with this…)

  2. Neil Mayhew says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your encouragement. Glad to hear it’s been doing some real work, despite a few rough edges. (Thanks for your bug reports :-) ).

    Somebody has volunteered to try to build a Mac version, although we don’t know yet how far they’ll get. I’ll try to write a blog new entry about that.

    The repo authentication problem is a pain, but won’t be fixed until we completely revamp the server, hopefully soon.

  3. Ed Quigley says:

    Any Possibility of having a workable beta of Fieldworks for Mac before the start of this summer? I will be at SIL-UND this summer TA for Field methods and Tone Analysis. The percentage of students attending SIL-UND using Macs has been on the rise over the past 5 years or so. It would be great to have a Beta release available for the students.

    • Neil Mayhew says:

      Hi Ed,

      I’m afraid not. It will involve a fair amount of work and although we do have someone working on this at the moment they are not full-time and so it will be a while before we have anything.

      In fact, we are not really keeping our heads above water on FieldWorks generally, as we are low on staff at the moment with various people either away or working on other projects.

      However, if by any chance we do have something that could be tested during the summer, I will be sure to let you know. The Windows, Linux and Mac versions can all exchange data seamlessly, so if your students did their main work in a Windows VM they could still copy data to a less-stable Mac version as a taste of what’s to come.