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Progress towards release

We’re all working hard on fixing bugs in readiness for our May 22 release date.

Currently, there are 148 outstanding issues in our bug tracker, of which 46 are classed as “major”, 13 “critical” and 1 “blocker”. In the past 30 days, 35 issues were resolved and 63 created. So we’re feeling the pressure!

These are just Linux bugs, by the way. The main FieldWorks bug database has over 350 issues specifically related to the May release date, and the Linux version is dependent on those being fixed in addition to the Linux-specific ones.

Most of the Linux development work is being done on Ubuntu Karmic, although today we were able to build and run FieldWorks on a pre-release version of Ubuntu Lucid, due out at the end of April, so hopefully we’ll be releasing FieldWorks on both Karmic and Lucid.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m cheering you on! Thanks for all your hard work.

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