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But what about Mac?

In the preceding posts, I’ve talked about Linux but not at all about Mac. What are our plans for Mac?

Everything we’ve done to port FW to Linux should also work on Mac. All of the technologies we’ve relied on, especially Mono, are very much alive on Mac as well as Linux. However, we haven’t actually built or run FW on Mac in quite a long time. When we do, I’m sure we’ll encounter various problems, but I’ll be very surprised if we encounter anything major. It will just be a case of working through them one at a time until the Mac version works as well as the Linux one.

It’s impossible to say how long this will take, but we’ll begin the process after the beta-test release for Linux in May. We have only one Mac programmer (me) and one Mac, so it’s not going to be all that quick, given that I’m involved with several other projects as well, but it will be done. If we manage to get some additional Mac help, that will be all the better.

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  1. Neil Mayhew says:

    I shouldn’t leave the impression that FieldWorks is the only thing we are doing for Mac. We also have a project to port SpeechAnalyzer to the wxWidgets framework so that it can run on Mac, Linux and Windows, much as Adapt It now does, and the primary development work is being done on Mac.

    There is a separate blog for this work. It badly needs an update, too.

  2. Neil, I am a Mac Evangelist. When the time comes that you want to build FW on Macs I will do bug testing. My wife teaches Field Methods too. So we are really connected with the funtions of the swoftware. So you should think that you have one Mac Programer and two Macs… ;-)

  3. Neil Mayhew says:

    Thanks, Hugh. Very helpful. I’ll be sure to let you know when we’re approaching that time.

    I know you’ve been interested in LinguaLinks Library for Mac in the past, too. That should be available in the Libronix-based edition that’s soon to be released.

  4. Mike Aubrey says:

    Do you know how soon the Logos version of LinguaLinks will be available?

    Will we *finally* have access to page numbers?

  5. Neil Mayhew says:

    @Mike, I don’t know the answer to either of these questions, unfortunately. I suggest you contact the LinguaLinks Library distributors to ask about it.

  6. Ed Quigley says:

    What is the current status of Fieldworks for Mac. I starting to look a transfering my Toolbox, Paratext, and anthro data into Fieldworks but backup and archiving the fieldworks data from c drive it a bit daunting in snow leopard. Whereas toolbox and paratext have no problems accessing the data via a shared folder either in Parallels or with crossover.

  7. Reuben Helmuth says:

    It seems that the above conversation is quite outdated but I couldn’t find any updated info concerning fieldworks for Mac. Is it still on the agenda?

  8. Neil Mayhew says:

    @Reuben, @Ed, sorry for the long delay in replying.

    We have done some work on getting FieldWorks to build and run on Mac, but the work stalled a while back due to the lack of a Mac developer to work on it. Although I’m a Mac developer myself, I currently have my finger in too many other pies to be able to spend much time on it. Hopefully we’ll have someone new to work on it before too long.

    • Alain-Daniel says:

      Would someone with a little bit of knowledge of Objective-C for iPhone programming be of any help to you guys? That’s me and I have my summer 2013 to spend on something as serious as your project… I’m a Computer Engineering Junior, by the way.

  9. Doug Laskowske says:

    I am a field linguist using Flex (on my Windows machine) and I have a friend (Mac user) who I’m working with. He’d really like to use Flex too. It’s a real bummer that the Mac version still isn’t ready. As a programmer myself, I understand the challenges of being understaffed with too many projects to focus on at once. But I just wanted to add that we would benefit greatly by having a Mac version of Flex whenever it’s ready.

  10. Bernhard Hurch says:

    I fully subscribe the previous mail concerning a Mac-version of Flex. It would be great if we could count on that in some near future. Is there any time schedule foreseeableß

  11. Bastian P. says:

    I also subscribe to the previous posts. Is there any news yet? I would offer to beta-test, if necessary.

  12. Doug Marmion says:

    Here’s another ‘me too!’. I’m a long-time Mac user and battling user of Flex via VirtualBox. I’d be very happy to have Flex for Mac!

  13. Miriam Liethen says:

    I also am eager to hear about FLEx for Mac users. Would you recommend VirtualBox as a good temporary solution?

  14. Sam Gill says:

    I too am working on a project that would greatly benefit from a Mac version of Flex. It would be great if it were ready within the next six months.

  15. Andi Makkuraga says:

    Please please please let me know as soon as the Mac version is available. I’m sure a great many will benefit from this, myself included.

  16. Barbara Westerveld says:

    Another one who will benefit from a Mac version of Flex, can’t wait. I also offer to beta-test any available version.

  17. Gareth O'Neill says:

    Fieldworks for Mac greatly anticipated and appreciated!

  18. Doug Marmion says:

    Hi Miriam, yes i find VirtualBox a pretty good solution. It’s not very fast but it works pretty well. I’ve just moved to Mavericks, and it still seems to run well (fingers crossed!).

  19. Isabel says:

    I’m using Flex on my Mac with parallels/windows: anytime there is a Mac version Id be happy to beta-test.

  20. Doug Marmion says:

    It would be encouraging if there was some kind of update, or some indication that work on this is proceeding…?

    I’ve tired of using VirtualBox and am trying to get FLeX to work under Wine (via playonmac) but I’m having trouble making it work. Anyone else succeeded in doing this?

  21. Amy says:

    Doug, I too have tried to get Flex to work through Wine and also Crossover with no success – with both programs the installation fails due to configuration issues (at least that is what the error message tells me). I’ve opted for VMware Fusion instead as Flex at least functions through that, albeit a little slowly.

    And I second the query – is work on a Mac version proceeding (or should we all go out and buy PC’s)? :S

  22. Chris says:

    Any news on if a Mac version is still in the works? A simple update, yes or no would be very much appreciated.

  23. Mark says:

    About a quarter of our members in Silk Road Ascent Service Group use Macs. The rest use various flavors of Windows. Only one guy uses Linux and my impression is that’s more hobby than work.

    Our local partners use Windows, Macs, and even a few iPads as their main work platforms. No one is using Linux.

    So I’m wondering if this is unique to our context. Does the rest of the world where SIL is engaged have a high demand for Linux? Just looking at this thread it seems that years have gone by with no real change even though more and more of our younger staff and partners are showing up with Macs.

  24. Frieddy says:

    Hi I was wondering if we can expect a release of the Mac version any time soon? Is there any update on the progress over the last couple years?

  25. Justin says:

    Just another bump from a Mac’er in west asia! Sign me up as well as a beta tester.

  26. Doug Marmion says:

    Hi, Me again… It’s been almost 2.5 years since there was any info. Should we assume that this is not going to happen and focus on other solutions? It would be nice to know for sure, either way. I’d love to have a Mac-native FLeX but need to be realistic.

  27. Also someone who would appreciate knowing whether the Mac version has been abandoned. I’d rather it wasn’t but as Doug says, an update might be helpful. Bootcamp is wonderful but since you can’t move back and forth between files on your Mac when you are in Windows, it’s not the best solution.

  28. Pam Munro says:

    Another Mac user who’d love to see FLEx on the Mac. I tried using Virtual Box for a while but was distinctly underwhelmed, so I bought a cheap PC and have been using that (for FLEx and nothing else…). Here’s another beta test volunteer!

  29. Deo Ngonyani says:

    Any updates on FLEx for Mac?

  30. Pat Moore says:

    I was introduced to FW today by a colleague and was looking forward to downloading and using but I am a MAC user and find no downloads. I did find some intentions to have a MAC version as far back as 2010. Has there been any progress? Are the intentions still alive?

  31. Alan Rogers says:

    I’ve been at a workshop in Chiang Mai and was amazed at the number of participants who had Macs. When our Branch in SIL adopted Macs in the 1980s, there was a massive push-back from the establishment, but now SIL is a lot more egalitarian. I use FLEx on a Mac OSX10.8.5, with Parallels9 and WindowsXP. I have no problems with it, copying things to and from the Mac environment predictably and suffering no stability problems, only a slow startup. The most expensive part of setting up was buying WindowsXP. But if a Mac version of FLEx appears, I will use it, to remove one layer of complication. Of course, it would need to work interchangeably with my Windows version, importing the .fwbackup file with no complications.

  32. Patricia Schneider-Zioga says:

    I’m also a mac user and would love to see a MAC version of flex.

  33. Josh Manriquez says:

    Any updates regarding Flex on Macs?

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