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Status of WorldPad on Linux

Our team’s main focus has been to port the SIL FieldWorks suite of translation and linguistic programs from Windows to Linux.

We’ve ported the core C++ parts which are the foundation of all the FieldWorks applications. A big part of the remaining work is in C# to get Translation Editor and Language Explorer to build and run in Linux.

But tackling Translation Editor would be quite a big step and open up a lot of difficulties all at once. So first we’re working to port WorldPad. Although WorldPad won’t be as widely used as Translation Editor, our work on WorldPad is a stepping stone on the way to completing the Translation Editor because many pieces of WorldPad are shared by Translation Editor. And completing the Translation Editor will be easier if we first work on WorldPad.

Because WorldPad is older than Translation Editor, we’ve first changed some of the underlying technology to put us in a better position to transfer our work to Translation Editor. WorldPad in Windows is a C++ application wrapping views, a library in the FieldWorks code that allows fast display and editing of writing systems with complex scripts and other unique features required by minority language writing systems.

We’re writing another WorldPad, WorldPadGTK, using C# and embedded the view in a GTK window. WorldPad in Linux will be a C# GTK application wrapping views.
WorldPadGTK Screenshot 20080829

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  1. Mike says:

    I think we should either delete this or point it to the Linux FieldWorks releases. This document comes up when you search the web for Linux and FieldWorks but I have a hard time finding the new alpha release notes.

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