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A significant milestone

As a result of the breakthrough described in the last post, Brent was able to get a sample application running (HelloView.Net). It’s written in C#, runs on Mono, and uses the FieldWorks infrastructure packaged as COM objects. In particular, it uses the Views component of FieldWorks, one of the key pieces of the infrastructure, and this is the first time that Views has ever run on a non-Windows platform.

HelloView is really just a wrapper for a FieldWorks view containing a simple string. It’s the minimal FW program, although it relies on a significant proportion of the infrastructure. That’s why getting it working represents such a significant milestone. It’s the culmination of many man-months of work porting C++ code, work which had no visible results until now.

In parallel with the C++ porting, we have been working on the framework of a more significant FW application: a GTK and C# version of WorldPad. This uses the same underlying technology as HelloView, so it takes a relatively small additional step to make the same capability work in WorldPad, and thus demonstrate something rather more interesting.

WorldPadGTK will be the subject of another post.

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  1. Andy says:

    Well done Brent, Mark and company!

    It’s great to hear that you actually have access to views in Linux. And the creation of libcom is a very exciting development too.

    Keep it up, it will be great to actually see FW come alive on Linux.

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