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GTK# on Windows

Our GUI development on Linux is done with GTK2+, and in the case of Mono, GTK#.

On a GTK based Linux system using Mono, this setup ‘just works’. It takes a little bit more setting up on Windows, but with a small amount of effort, it is possible to take compiled programs straight from Linux and run them on Windows with Microsoft .NET (It is also possible to use Mono on Windows).

This is the procedure I used to use GTK# on Windows:

  • Install the .NET runtime from Microsoft
  • Install GTK+ from the GIMP website
  • Install the GTK# runtime from the Novell website (Note that this is for version 2.7, the latest at the time of writing, check around the Novell site if you want to look for a newer version)
  • Run your GTK# program!

By default, programs run with a theme that picks up the native look and feel from Windows. This looks quite good, but we found that the appearance of some of our interface wasn’t perfect. You milage may vary.

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