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FieldWorks for Debian

Someone recently enquired about running some of our software on Debian. Some of us run Debian Testing on our development machines, and much of our software can be built from source for Debian. Also, we have a Debian package repository as well as an Ubuntu one. However, there aren’t many packages in it. Historically, almost all of our users have been using Ubuntu so that’s where the majority of our development attention goes.

Although most of our packages can be built for Debian, the package maintainers build binary packages on their own workstations (with pbuilder) and upload them to the repo. Most of them aren’t set up to work with Debian, and although they could use pbuilder to build for Debian they wouldn’t be able to test them. So they build only Ubuntu packages. In the future we plan to have maintainers upload source packages and then build them for multiple distros and architectures in a build farm, but that’s some way off.

We were building FieldWorks for Debian as well as Ubuntu. However, there were some problems building FieldWorks packages for wheezy a while back, and we needed to get at least the Ubuntu ones released, so put the work on wheezy on one side. However, we do plan to build for Debian as well as Ubuntu when we make the next release (which will be 7.0.6~rc1, due very soon now).

The apt sources line to use our Debian repo with wheezy is:

deb wheezy main contrib non-free

Although there are sections for sid and squeeze, these aren’t being maintained at the moment.

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    Help, I need FLEX on my Mac. I am not techy, how can I have FLEX. Thanks

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