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FieldWorks Beta 7 released

FieldWorks 7.0.6~beta7 for Linux was uploaded to last night. We have begun to have problems getting packages done for all the different versions of Ubuntu and that is partly why it has taken so long to get the new packages ready, but these have all been tested and seem to install okay in Ubuntu versions from Lucid on.

The current Windows stable version is 7.2.4. You will not be able to exchange data between this version of Windows and the Linux version. If you need to exchange data between Windows and Linux, you need to remain on the Windows 7.0.6 version for now.

The Linux FieldWorks instructions, located here, have now been updated some. If you experience problems please check these instructions first.

As before, we encourage you to report bugs via our Bugzilla site, although sending email as described in the crash report dialog is also acceptable. We will then create a Bugzilla item and subscribe you to it, so that others can see what is being reported and learn about any workarounds or fixes. Please let us know when you report by email if you prefer that your details don’t appear in Bugzilla. Email addresses are hidden from people who aren’t logged in, but anyone can create an account and then see addresses.

5 Responses to “FieldWorks Beta 7 released”

  1. Ed Quigley says:

    So What are the chances of a Mac version for this summer 2012? I will be involved with the field methods class at sil-und again this year. Last year there were 6 or so students that used Macs who would have appreciated testing a mac version of fieldworks. Any hopes for something being ready this summer?

    Blessings; Ed Quigley

    • Sue Newland says:


      I am sorry but there will not be a Mac version ready for this summer. Once we have a stable released version on Linux, which has not happened yet, we then need to catch up with where the Windows team is currently working in their development and get all those parts working in Linux. At some point in the future we will look at the Mac, but that will probably not be any time soon.

  2. Nate Marti says:

    I’m a dedicated Ubuntu user without a deep background in programming, but I’d be interested in helping your Linux cause in any way I can. My “day job” relates to construction and facilities, but my wife is a translation consultant with SIL and I’m going to have her check out FieldWorks with me now that I’ve installed in on my computer.

    I know how valuable it would be for MTTs to have access to all of SIL’s software on a Linux-based OS, so I applaud your work.


  3. Doug says:

    I just tried to install on ubuntu 12.10, added the quantal main and quantal-experimental main repos but it seems that “fieldworks-applications” is not there, I’m only seeing listings for fieldworks-mono-basic, fieldworks-examples, fieldworks-movies, and fieldworks