SIL LSDev Linux Development

Language software for Linux and Mac OS X

But what about Mac?

In the preceding posts, I’ve talked about Linux but not at all about Mac. What are our plans for Mac?

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A release date for FieldWorks

Finally, after many years of development, and a lot of hard hoeing, we have committed to a release date for a beta-test version of FieldWorks on Linux. This will be simultaneous with a test version of the rearchitected FieldWorks on Windows, and will incorporate the same rearchitected code.

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Linux-first development!

One of our long-standing goals has been that FieldWorks development could eventually be carried out on either platform, and target both platforms. Last month, the very first example of this started to happen.

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Source code unification

We reached a significant milestone recently when we re-integrated all of the work we’ve done over the past several years to port FieldWorks to Linux. There’s now a single source tree, in a single version control system, that contains both the Windows and the Linux versions of FieldWorks.

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FieldWorks rearchitecture

For some time now the entire FieldWorks team has been engaged on a rearchitecture effort. This involves a complete change to the way that FW stores its data. In particular, the tight dependency on the MS SQL Server database is being severed, and replaced with multiple interchangeable back-ends. These new back-ends range from a flat XML file through db4o to MySql.

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