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A significant milestone

As a result of the breakthrough described in the last post, Brent was able to get a sample application running (HelloView.Net). It’s written in C#, runs on Mono, and uses the FieldWorks infrastructure packaged as COM objects. In particular, it uses the Views component of FieldWorks, one of the key pieces of the infrastructure, and this is the first time that Views has ever run on a non-Windows platform.

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A long-awaited breakthrough

Our porting work depends on having a link from C# to C++ using COM. This is a fundamental requirement, and without it we cannot proceed. Although we’ve had this working in small test programs for a long time, it would crash badly when we tried it with our application (WorldPad, part of FieldWorks). We were fairly sure it was something we were doing wrong, but could never pin it down. Well, now Tom and Brent have found the solution!

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