SIL LSDev Linux Development

Language software for Linux and Mac OS X

Introducing Brent McCarthy

Hi I am the token Canadian on our Team. I am working in both C++ and C# to get the main view of the code free of Windows API’s. We will be using GTK API’s for our Linux implementation.

Mono 1.2

Today I read the Mono 1.2 release notes. A few things stuck out to me:

  • full implementation of 1.0 and 2.0 APIs
  • full SWF 1.1 API
  • MONO_IOMAP setting may help with some potential crossplatform issues
  • Bundles. If our COM implementation ends up being rather Frankenstein (or really cutting-edge :) ), Bundles would let us distribute our own custom Mono along with the application. I don’t really see this as a desirable solution, but it’s nice to know it’s there.
  • “Support for the registry is now provided on Linux and Windows.”

Introducing Mark Strobert

Hey, I’m Mark Strobert. I’m the one from Delaware. Yay, Delaware.
We’re working on making our language software cross-platform. Right now I’m looking at how we can best connect a C# COM client to a C++ COM server in Linux.

Introducing Neil Mayhew

Hi, I’m the manager of our team. As well as administration I also do some technical work (although not as much as I would like :-( ). I deal with project planning, software architecture, technical troubleshooting and low-level infrastructure.