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Updated code repository to latest from Dallas

As much of our porting work has been dealing with Windowsisms in the lower levels of the FieldWorks code, which wasn’t expected to change a lot in the Dallas VCS, the code in our local VCS had grown quite out of date. Two and a half years out of date!

Since we’re now using areas of the code that have had a lot of changes during that time, there was an increasing need to update our local VCS to reflect the latest from Dallas.

First I migrated our VCS from CVS to SVN – a welcome change. (I can rename directories now!)

Then we merged in the new code from Dallas, resolved the conflicting files (only 93), and made things still compile in Linux.

After having approached this with apprehension, I was thankful that it was easier than I had anticipated and only took two and a half weeks.

And now we’re up to date!