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FieldWorks rearchitecture

For some time now the entire FieldWorks team has been engaged on a rearchitecture effort. This involves a complete change to the way that FW stores its data. In particular, the tight dependency on the MS SQL Server database is being severed, and replaced with multiple interchangeable back-ends. These new back-ends range from a flat XML file through db4o to MySql.

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Why Firebird? Why not a Different RDBMS?

David asked, “I’m curious to know why Firebird has been chosen as a database engine [for FieldWorks] out of the many other RDBMSs out there, such as MySQL.”

I get this question from time to time, especially when I go to our Computer Technical Conference (CTC), which comes around every two years.  It is a fair question, and since CTC is just a month away, I’m taking the opportunity to remember why we did what we did. I had to ask the people that made the decision, because I had a hard time remembering. It’s been a few years.

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.NET LINQ to Firebird

Since we’re porting from SQL Server to Firebird, code that works on both RDBMSs is highly valuable. We want to connect to either using C#.

Microsoft’s ADO.NET Entity Framework does just that. One of the components is LINQ. Here is a beginner’s application to show how to do it with Firebird.

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Introducing Steve Miller

I’m a Michigander working in Texas. I’ve been working on databases for FieldWorks since 2001. Currently FieldWorks uses SQL Server. My role in the Linux team is to help port from SQL Server to Firebird.