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Language software for Linux and Mac OS X

Introducing Steve Miller

I’m a Michigander working in Texas. I’ve been working on databases for FieldWorks since 2001. Currently FieldWorks uses SQL Server. My role in the Linux team is to help port from SQL Server to Firebird.

Introducing Andrew Weaver

Hello, I’m Andrew, the old man of the team. I’ve arrived late to this blogging party, insisting that my precious time must be spent getting some real work done! (“Come on Andrew, if you’re so busy working, how come you’re blogging right now?” “Aha, I might be blogging in my spare time.” :-)) For the past few months I’ve been one of the chaps working on porting a Windows C++ application to Linux, C#/Mono and GTK.

Introducing Brent McCarthy

Hi I am the token Canadian on our Team. I am working in both C++ and C# to get the main view of the code free of Windows API’s. We will be using GTK API’s for our Linux implementation.

Introducing Mark Strobert

Hey, I’m Mark Strobert. I’m the one from Delaware. Yay, Delaware.
We’re working on making our language software cross-platform. Right now I’m looking at how we can best connect a C# COM client to a C++ COM server in Linux.

Introducing Neil Mayhew

Hi, I’m the manager of our team. As well as administration I also do some technical work (although not as much as I would like :-( ). I deal with project planning, software architecture, technical troubleshooting and low-level infrastructure.


Hi, this is Andy from the Language Software Development department of SIL in Canada. Welcome to our new blog!

Our motley crew!

Our motley crew!

Currently the focus of our work is moving the Fieldworks suite of applications from Microsoft Windows to the free operating system, Linux.

Through this blog, we will share news about our progress in our projects, as well as our day to day discoveries about Linux and software development as a whole.