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Access to the underlying C GtkObjects from gtkmm

gtkmm is the C++ API for development of GTK+ and GNOME applications. Its developers have made a great job of wrapping the underlying C API, making it relatively easy to use GTK+ and GNOME within a C++ application. However, in the interests of writing methods that can be readily invoked from a variety of languages, it is preferable to use objects from the underlying C implementation as arguments and return values rather than their object-oriented counterparts. It will then be possible to call those C++ methods from C# code.
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Introducing Andrew Weaver

Hello, I’m Andrew, the old man of the team. I’ve arrived late to this blogging party, insisting that my precious time must be spent getting some real work done! (“Come on Andrew, if you’re so busy working, how come you’re blogging right now?” “Aha, I might be blogging in my spare time.” :-)) For the past few months I’ve been one of the chaps working on porting a Windows C++ application to Linux, C#/Mono and GTK.