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.NET support in MONO

Most of this comes from the Mono project documentation roadmap available on the Mono site here.

Microsoft has published three versions of the .NET Framework.
1.0 came first, next was 1.1 which incrementally updated the previous version, then 2.0 was a considerable expansion from 1.1.

To the core of .NET an addition, called .NET 3.0 has been released. It is a set of new API’s that run on top of the .NET 2.0 installation. The Mono project has been keeping track of the improvements made in each release, some of the implementations that they have kept up with are:

  • Core: mscorlib, System, System.Security and System.XML assemblies.
  • ADO.NET: System.Data and various other database providers.
  • ASP.NET: WebForms and Web Services are supported. Work on WSE1/WSE2 has also started.
  • Compilers: C#, VB.NET and various command line tools that are part of the SDK.
  • Open Source, Unix and Gnome specific libraries.

Note: The description of the releases is not complete. I am showing the parts of .NET that have been implemented in each release and some other classes. for a complete list they are available on the Mono web site. Read the rest of this post…

Introducing Brent McCarthy

Hi I am the token Canadian on our Team. I am working in both C++ and C# to get the main view of the code free of Windows API’s. We will be using GTK API’s for our Linux implementation.